94. a day of excellent meals

I realize I disproportionately post about food.  I’d say I’m sorry, but a) I’m trying to cut back on saying that, and b) I’d be lying.  So I’ll be brief: breakfast was coffee and a green smoothie (um, yes), lunch was a turkey sandwich on bread that I made yesterday (my best loaf to date), and dinner was, well, an adventure.  Roasted tomato appetizer, delicious cheeseburger and homemade potato chips, homemade ice cream, and this lovely wine:

Let me explain: my dad is in DC for a conference, so we had dinner tonight!  We at at the Dogwood and it was incredibly tasty.  They were having 20% off bottles of wine and it was a semi-special occasion (sadly, living 1200 miles from home means seeing your parents is a special occasion), so we went for it.   Then we proceeded to geek out for like an hour, since he and I are the nerds of the family.  I’ve accepted and embraced this fact.

What really made these meals excellent (besides the food) was the company.  Lunch with lovely ladies, dinner with my dad.  It makes me miss the rest of my peeps.  Why do all of you awesome people in my life live in different cities?!  EVERY DAY could be excellent meal day if I could somehow combine Baltimore, Minnesota, Denver and a few other places…I’ll work on it.


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