121. urban farm

April 28, 2012 — spent the morning digging in the dirt at common good city farm, washington.  I love, love, love the idea of tiny urban farms.  Sort of how I love the idea of bike-commuting…they make me think of sunshine, green, simple major-key guitar music, and a future where people live simply and happily.

Here’s the problem, I love the ideas.  But I live in a pretty small apartment in a high-rise building.  I tried to grow basil and parsley inside, and they both died, and anything actually vegetable- or fruit-like in here would be laughable.  We can’t compost.  And I have no place to store a bike, and even if I did, I’m super scared to ride it on city streets full of east coast drivers.  One day, though, when I get a yard, I hope I still have the desire to grow my own stuff, or at least support little city farmers.  And if I somehow end up not being a statistician, I hope I end up doing something socially conscious and food-related. (Have I told you guys about my idea for a bakery yet?  I thought about it last summer and I’m still super psyched about it!).  Anyway, it was really awesome to feel like a (very tiny) part of a movement back to natural, home-grown food, even if just for a morning.


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