123-125. zac efron, tuesday, and ninjas FTW

April 30, 2012 — I saw a Zac Efron movie.  I loved it.  Don’t tell anyone.

May 1, 2012 — since when is it May?  This is crazy stuff.  I still feel like very little time has passed since Christmas, and when people are like “IT’S MAY, FOOL,” I get frazzled.

May 2, 2012 — The Statistical Ninjas, our awesome B-league intramural soccer team, who went 4-4 this season and started as the 5th seed in an 8-team round robin playoff bracket, squeaked out a penalty-kick seminfinal WIN on Wednesday.  It.  Rocked.

My apologies for not photographing any of these days of my life.


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