middle of the night.

It was a late night in apartment 704 tonight:

But seeing as I’ve hit my second wind for the night and just submitted my last final exam (WOO) I thought I’d say hey to my 3 readers.  Hey guys.  Sorry for breaking my New Year’s Revolution and not posting for like a week and a half.  Don’t worry though, things have been happening and I’ll put up and giant, picture-filled post of them soon!  Highlights include my roommate’s awesome birthday party at which I was simultaneously present and not present (just wait for it), the time my Minnesota baseball superfan dad let a Joe Mauer foul ball slip right his hands at the game on his birthday, and watching the How I Met Your Mother season finale on the TV in our building’s laundry room (free cable and couches!) while eating mediocre Chinese takeout in our building’s laundry room.  I don’t actually have a picture for that last one…it was just super fun.

for now, good night.  sending love.


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