I started this blog at the beginning of 2011 as an attempt to find joy in small things during a grueling first year of grad school.  I was going to document one funny/ironic/silly/happy thing that happened every day.  For the most part, it went okay, though the “every day” part went out the window pretty early.

But 2012 is now upon us, and it was time for a new resolution.  This has become a photo blog!  I have resolved to take one picture every day (be it awesome or be it lame) and write about it.  Please enjoy.  I’m no photographer (my camera of choice is my phone, and my photos are generally instagram-edited…), but I’d really like to take more pictures and share them with my peeps (you!).

If you’re not my peeps and you’re just some rando looking at my life’s documentation, that’s cool too.  Let’s be real, this is the internet and it’s public.  So for you:

My name is Alyssa.  For a living, I go to PhD school for biostatistics. You can learn what biostatistics is by visiting its wikipedia page (doesn’t wikipedia rock?).  I go to school (and live) in a funky east coast city.  When I’m not doing school, sometimes I play piano in the worship band at my church, goof around with friends, or read fiction…or watch TV…or bake.

Please leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from you : )


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