81. good morning baltimore, indeed

I was skeptical of green smoothies.


But this baby tasted great!

I used a banana, a mango, a giant handful of spinach, and a big sploosh of almond milk.  (Sploosh is a technical term, thank you for asking).  It totally didn’t taste like spinach, it tasted like fruit.  And look how pretty it is!  I love green.  This made for an excellent morning :)


72. lots of recipes!

March 12, 2012 — I didn’t take a picture.  Pfffft, Mondays.  Who needs em.  As a replacement, I want to post this Washington Post article I came across today: 25 healthy recipes!  They look tasty, trendy, pretty, easy to make, and healthy.  Everything you could ever want in a dinner.

67. C is for cookie

Tomorrow I’m going to feed my department these cookies!

I was attempting to make salted mudslide cookies (from howsweeteats) but I’m kinda nervous that I made too many tweaks to the recipe.

It’s especially nerve-wracking to go out on a limb like this for tea time (our department’s weekly get-together, where I’m the chief treat-bringer) because I can’t come to the first half of tea time.  So people can be like “yum, who made the cookies?” and then somebody will be like “Alyssa, but she’s not here,” and then that first person can be like “OH THANK GOODNESS, THESE COOKIES ARE AWFUL!” and I would never know, but the whole department would be all “dude…we should fire Alyssa as tea time baker, she makes wickedy-wack weird stuff when all we really want is brownies from a box.”  That would be terrible.

61. I’m in love…

…with this sandwich.  I think this might be my favorite sandwich of all time.  It’s perfectly made.  I can’t accurately describe to you in words how tasty this is.  The eggs are fresh-cracked (none of that pale-yellow-slab crap they give you at Subway), the bagel is perfectly toasted and buttered, everything stays on the bagel when you bite it and doesn’t slip out the other end into your lap, it was served to me by a polite Eastern European man, I got to call in my order ahead of time and enjoy a 65-and-sunny walk to the shop to pick it up, it motivated me to get going on the work I really needed to do, it reminds me of a BFF and makes me smile…I really don’t know what more I could want in a sandwich.  Like I said…it’s love.

56. BREAD!

I got a bread maker for my birthday (in November…….) from my parents, and I finally used it yesterday (February 25th……..) to make a beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread!

It rocks.  It was warm and made the house smell like bread and it was so easy to make.  I can’t believe it took me almost 4 months to get motivated to make bread…I mean, seriously.  All you have to do is dump the ingredients in, push some buttons, and come back 5 hours later to fresh-baked bread…!

50. I hate measuring out 2 cups of Bisquick


On the plus side, the pancakes I made yesterday (Feb 19, 2012) were the best pancakes I have ever made in my life.

Also, on an unrelated (but also food-related) note, my new dinner obsession is DIY pizza with oregano on it.  Any crust (tonight I’m using a bagel, but I also like pitas or that refrigerated dough you can get at the store), plus any marinara, plus shredded mozzarella, plus oregano.  It’s awesome.  It’s even awesomer if you put chicken and corn on it too.  It sounds weird but it is seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had. Fun random fact: I first had the chicken/corn/oregano combo at The Don Corleone pizzeria in Budapest, Hungary.  Inspired.