167. so begins an “epic summer”

2nd annual Hersheypark day of awesome:


[june 15, 2012]


152. I cooked some stuff

I cooked some stuff.
Then I instagramed it.


Then I put some pasta in it and ate it.
Now it’s quietly raining, and I’m about to make zucchini bread, and I have a good book waiting.

No complaints :)

149-151. Most rockin weekend ever

This weekend included: sleeping in, good food, barbecues, good company, a night at the movies, a night spent walking on the waterfront, a good book, talking to my family, a bridal shower, playing music, ping pong, and an afternoon at the rooftop pool!


I ask you…can it get better?! I think not.

Actually. I stand corrected: I HALF SUNBURNED myself while eating on the deck at Chipotle with my left side in the shadows and my right side in the sun. It looks pretty silly. So minus that, this weekend completely dominated and might have been one of the best Baltimore weekends I’ve had…

130-147. 18 BLOG POSTS IN ONE

May 7, 2012 – May 24, 2012.  Things are happening.  I’m forgetting to take pictures.  I’m writing blog posts that need some serious copy-editing at 4am.  We’re working.  That feverish, tense, end-of-spring rush to GET ALL THE THINGS DONE has settled over the department (and I HATE that end-of-spring rush).  TV shows are airing their finales, EVERYONE IS GETTING ENGAGED, it’s feeling summery out but the pools aren’t open…yes indeed, my dear, it’s the end of May.

Here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks:

May 7, 2012:  the underdog Statisitcal Ninjas emerge victorious in the intramural soccer championships!

May 12, 2012:  My first time at Target Field this season!  It was my dad’s bday, it was a beautiful night, and the Twins lost.  This is how it goes.  (In other news, the Orioles are pretty much dominating baseball right now.  What is going on with the world?!) Anyway.  It was a fabulous night out with my parents:

OH AND WE GOT FREE HATS.  See the one on my dad’s head.

May 20, 2012: I made enchilada pie (my mom’s this-is-such-a-good-find recipe) and the ladies and I ate it and drank very pretty summery drinks with straws.  I like straws.

So I guess I have 2 (maybe 3) pictures for 18 days.  That’s totally acceptable.  I consider myself caught up and will maybe make a post tomorrow.  We’ll see how things go :)

Sending love!

middle of the night.

It was a late night in apartment 704 tonight:

But seeing as I’ve hit my second wind for the night and just submitted my last final exam (WOO) I thought I’d say hey to my 3 readers.  Hey guys.  Sorry for breaking my New Year’s Revolution and not posting for like a week and a half.  Don’t worry though, things have been happening and I’ll put up and giant, picture-filled post of them soon!  Highlights include my roommate’s awesome birthday party at which I was simultaneously present and not present (just wait for it), the time my Minnesota baseball superfan dad let a Joe Mauer foul ball slip right his hands at the game on his birthday, and watching the How I Met Your Mother season finale on the TV in our building’s laundry room (free cable and couches!) while eating mediocre Chinese takeout in our building’s laundry room.  I don’t actually have a picture for that last one…it was just super fun.

for now, good night.  sending love.

129. good times in the capital

My friend Lauren has an apartment with THIS rooftop view of DC. My phone’s tiny front camera sans flash didn’t do it justice, but I like friend pictures anyway.


Lauren also graciously took one of me and Kiersten with flash! And you can SEE the capital building this time.


I feel eerily Hunger-Games-ish when I say “the capital.” at least in this context it isn’t capitalized (irony there) and is spelled with an a.